Air Fryer Pecan Pie

Air Fryer Pecan Pie

Made with fresh pecans, corn syrup, brown sugar. This sweet air fryer dessert recipe is a family favorite in our house during the holiday season.

What you need

light corn syrup

brown sugar

and more...

In a medium bowl, pour in liquid ingredients, brown sugar and salt. Stir all of the ingredients together so the sugar is mixed into the liquids.

Step 1

Add whisk eggs to the bowl. Add the pecans and stir into the egg mixture.

Step 2

Pour the mixture into the prepared crust.

Step 3

Place in the air fryer basket, and air fry at 350 degrees F for about 30-35 minutes, until the top of the pie is golden brown and crispy.

Step 4

-  Refrigerated pie crusts will work just as good for this recipe. - If the top of the crust is firm, but the center still has a little jiggle to it, it is a good indication that it is done.

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