Air Fryer Grilled Cheese Sandwich

Air Fryer Grilled Cheese Sandwich

Making an air fryer grilled cheese sandwich is a simple way to make a delicious meal. Made with just a couple of slices of bread, cheese slices, and butter, you will have a delicious sandwich in minutes.

What you need



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Spread a light layer of the butter on one side of each bread slice.

Step 1

Place the buttered side down in the air fryer basket.

Step 2

Cover the slice of bread with a piece of cheese. Then top the cheese with another slice of bread, with the buttered side up.

Step 3

Air Fry at 370 degrees F for 3-5 minutes. Then flip, and air fry for 2-3 additional minutes, until cheese melts

Step 4

- Place sandwiches in a single layer without stacking or overlapping. - Make this a heartier meal by adding a few slices of bacon to the sandwich, avocado slices.

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