Air Fryer Frozen Green Beans

Air Fryer Frozen Green Beans

Air fryer frozen green beans are crispy and full of flavor. Straight from the freezer, they are perfect veggies for the dinner table.

What you need

frozen green beans

and more...

olive oil

The only prep for these, it to add them to a large mixing bowl, toss the green beans with olive oil or melted butter, until they are coated.

Step 1

 Add in the garlic powder, salt, and black pepper, then toss with the green beans to season.

Step 2

Transfer seasoned green beans to the preheated air fryer basket, spread evenly in a single layer.

Step 3

Air fry frozen green beans at 380 degrees F for 10-12 minutes, until tender and they reach your desired crispness.

Step 4

- If you want to make these with thawed green beans, you can rinse them in water until they defrost. - Depending on your air fryer, size and wattages, cook time may need to be adjusted by an additional 2-3 minutes of cook time.

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